TodayAgenda バージョンアップ

★TodayAgenda 1.5 - New Version
■Bugs fixed:

  • Scrolling in Compact View does not work as expected

■Features added:

  • New option: Additional appointment style - subject first and bold, below time and location (like the Windows Mobile appointment plug-in)
  • New option: Recognition of conflicting appointments can be disabled
  • New option: on startup of TodayAgenda all days but today can be collapsed
  • New option: Show only active tasks (when displaying tasks before/after appointments)
  • New option: Show only high priority tasks
  • Multiple categories in context menu selectable, allows more complex filters. (has to be activated in TodayAgenda options "Categories")
  • Automatically word wrap long subjects, when task/appointment is selected even in non "Fixed height" mode
  • Small corrections to the scroll bar
  • Option dialogs reworked, so it is easier for ME to add options and new functions! ;-)
  • Smaller font size on vga screens available
  • New icon (21x21) for 320x320- screens added ← ♪
  • Support for eXtremeAgenda added
  • Support for ThumbCal add (only new appointment/task, open calendar/task list)