PhatNotes 5.0 Beta


1. Windows Vista support
2. Windows Mobile 6.0 support
3. New database manager now supports multiple groups (folders), drag and drop
4. Context analyzer allows dialing phone numbers, opening URLs, and sending emails by clicking on a word that represents a phone number, a URL, or an email address.
5. Full Unicode support
6. New 256-bit strong encryption algorithm
7. New synchronization module supports Windows Vista and ActiveSync 4.5
8. Improved user interface
9. New MSI-based installer

1. Seven UI themes
2. New database engine
3. New text formatting features
4. New UI for PhatNotes Alarms desktop utility
5. Programmable "magic button"
6. New multilingual spell checker (can use share dictionaries between desktop, Smartphone, and Pocket PC).
7. New Favorites window allows quick access to favorite notes
8. New Shortcut window allows to launch favorite application and open URLs/Files directly from PhatNotes
9. New Alarms window allows quick access to pending reminders

1. PhatSpell - Multilingual spell checker (US English dictionary is included, dictionaries for other supported languages can be downloaded here:
2. Support for rich text formatting (WM5 or later)

【Pocket PC】
1. Added new buttons and 2nd toolbar for the Note Editor dialog
2. Added new text formatting features (WM5 or later)
3. The Options dialog box is now accessible for Note Editor