★pBar - 1.4/xda-developers

  • Tap on [X] button for smart close
  • Tap and move on [X] button for minimize
  • Tap and hold for popup-menu
  • Can show battery indicator in task bar
  • Can show Date, GMT time, Zodiac time, memory, power percent in task bar
  • Can show Favorite Programs in popup-menu
  • Can show Running Programs in popup-menu (task manager)
  • Can show more function button in popup-menu
  • Can open multi excel file

System buttons (on firt menu item)

  • Close: Close current program
  • Minimize: Minimize current program and active next window, if current dialog is popup style, it can't minimize.
  • Close All: Close all running program.
  • Close Inactives: Close all Inactive Programs, except running program.
  • Today: Active Today screean.
  • Options: Go to options dialog, you can change some setting.
  • about:

Tool buttons (on last menu item)

  • Turn off device:
  • Turn off screen: usefull when playing.
  • Rotate: rotate screen (WM2003SE, WM2005)
  • Soft reset.
  • Add Exceptions: Add current program to exception list, when you tap on [X] button, it doesn't close.
  • Add Favorites: Add current program to Favorite. When you check in Show favorites menu, in popup menu has icons and shortcut to your favorite programs.
  • Exit pBar: exit pBar if you want to.